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Top 10 Uses for old National Geographics!

10) Start a new architectural trend: flammable insulation!

9) Part of a nutritious breakfast. [Three words: fiber, FIBER, FIBER!]

8) Whip 'em out to show your “CODE YELLOW” pride!

7) Let Dennis Kucinich stand on them at Democratic debates.

6) [Insert Saddam Hussein joke here]

5) Build a series of undisclosed locations for the Vice President.

4) Excellent source of words and letters for cutting out and using in ransom notes!

3) To impress Jodie Foster.

[Sorry - wrong list.]

2) Stack them up as a bridge to the moon and Mars so we can WALK there, saving BILLION$$$ on space ships!

And the #1 use for old National Geographics:

1) YOU tell US!

# # #

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