FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Adopt A Library - Getting books to people who need them's
Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Adopt A Library Day!

10) Rid yourself of guilt

Got library fines dating from the Truman Administration? Take action - adopt your local library and sleep through the night again.

9) Improve your Feng Shui

Eliminating clutter by donating books to grateful libraries and schools can enhance the Chi of your lovely home.

8) Save the planet

Each year millions of tons of used books go into landfills in the U.S. By donating useful books to libraries and schools, it keeps them out of landfills AND saves thousands of trees.

7) Become a citizen of the world links you to organizations that will connect you to people all over the planet who want to help others with schools, libraries, and literacy programs.

6) Help your kids learn to share

Your kids can choose the group they'd like to help, from children on Native American reservations to elementary school children in the Philippines.

5) Marvel at the generosity of people links to so many organizations who day after day, year after year, help less fortunate people around the globe.

4) Not available

Writer stranded on airport tarmac on a JetBlue plane.

3) Make your move easier

Did you know that Goodwill and the Salvation Army will pick up boxes of your books right at your home? Just a phone call to these folks saves you time, energy, and helps with #8 above.

2) Stimulate the economy

More room on your bookshelves means room for NEW books, the reading of which stimulates your mind and the purchase of which stimulates the economy.

And the #1 reason to celebrate Adopt A Library Day:


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