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52 million tons is

Falls Church, Virginia Each year, 52 million tons - roughly half of the paper used annually in the US - ends up in landfills. This includes millions of tons of still-useful books and magazines. To shine light on this problem AND to find ways to solve it, brings you

The Ben Franklin
Xtreme Library Challenge!

Can you imagine:

Whole CITIES built out of old National Geographics!


OK, how about whole COFFEE TABLES built out of old National Geographics?

Or whole DOGHOUSES insulated by old National Geographics?

Or secret [w]HOLES cut into old National Geographics to hide gold dubloons from marauding pirates?

Well, if YOU can think of something better, THIS IS YOUR BIG CHANCE!

On January 17, in honor of Ben Franklin's birthday, is announcing a contest to find the most creative, practical, and eco-friendly uses for old National Geographic magazines! Judging will be based on creativity, originality, conservation of natural resources, and practicality. Oh, and fun.

The good people at the National Geographic Society have even donated a prize - a copy of their newest and biggest photography book, Through the Lens: National Geographic Greatest Photographs.

Since the creation of, a website which encourages and helps people donate used books to libraries and schools locally and around the world, thousands of Americans have responded with great generosity, but one weird quirk has shown up:

HUNDREDS of people emailed asking what to do with old National Geographics! The magazines seem way too nice to throw away, but it can be tough to find new homes for them.

The person who sends the best idea to by International Earth Day, March 19, 2004, will receive the prize mentioned above, donated by the National Geographic Society. His/Her/Their/Its name(s) will also be announced to the press and appear on

Submitted ideas become the sole property of In case of duplicate winning ideas, the first to submit the idea will receive the prize offered. All rights reserved. For further information, please visit

Benjamin Franklin, born on January 17, 1706, opened the first public library on November 8, 1731. In Poor Richard's Almanac, Franklin wrote: "Diligence is the Mother of Good Luck." So good luck, Mama!'s
Top Ten Uses for old National Geographics!

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